Friday, 24 February 2017

Why Should Educators Care About Games?

To continue my Genius Hour research, I decided to dig deeper into the topic of video games. I asked myself, why should we care about video games? What makes video games so great? What I found through my research is this: in virtual games, students can act as investigators, reporters, scientists, and historians, who solve meaningful dilemmas. Not only are video games fun, but they also offer players a chance to take on roles and problem solve. Using video games in the classroom can help students find a passion for curricular content, engaging in transformational play (Baraba et al., 2009). To play games transformationally, students must become protagonists who use the knowledge, skills, and concepts embedded in curricular content to make choices that influence situations. Having students experience this type of learning sparks their interests and leads to deeper engagement with content. So, why are educational video games a good thing to implement? Because using a game-based learning environment where students not only play an important role but also use academic knowledge to make decisions can transform students from being passive within the classroom to an empowered member with agency!

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