Monday, 27 March 2017

Wrapping It Up

I cannot believe that these 10 weeks in the course have come to an end. Reflecting on my experiences with Genius Hour, I believe I have learned a lot, both about myself as an individual and as a teacher candidate. I thought Genius Hour was phenomenal because it allowed me to take something that I am interested in and research about it myself. I was able to guide my own learning and this worked very well for me. Before beginning this course, I felt nervous about teaching and learning with technology. However, now I feel excited about the potential that technology can bring in the classroom, both for instructional strategies and classroom management strategies. Teaching with technology creates an engaging classroom environment, where students' different learning styles can be embraced. I have become increasingly comfortable with using technology in the classroom, thus I believe I have developed substantially over the duration of this course. Genius Hour is a great way to foster creativity in the classroom and allow students to invest in learning about something that they are passionate about. Due to my positive experiences with Genius Hour, I plan to implement it in my future classroom. When you are passionate about something, continuous growth and learning occurs! I now believe I have substantial tools in my toolbox to create a positive, tech-enhanced learning environment.

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